A Bach Masterpiece

When Carl Sagan asked biologist Lewis Thomas what music he would recommend to send in the Voyager spacecraft to represent humans at their finest, Lewis responded, "I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach...but that would be boasting."

This quote speaks to the almost deity-like position Bach holds in the realm of classical music. But why is Bach such a revered figure? In short, he embodies so many ideals of musical perfection, mental ingenuity and human emotion throughout his œuvre. And perhaps the best way to understand this is to listen to his music. This month the Paris CMC presents you with the opportunity to do just that. After three successful events in the Netherlands and Dijon, the Paris CMC is back in Paris ready for the season premiere of our third season. November 25th, along with Marie Salvat, Kyle Collins and Alice Picaud, we will present a beautiful transcription of the Bach Goldberg Variations for string trio.

This piece is not only one of Bach's masterpieces but a masterpiece of all western art. In this work, Bach uses a fairly simple idea, that of the theme and variations form, and gives us a work that explores a wide variety of emotions, from despair to exuberance to light-hearted joy. And he does all this while creating a perfect architectural structure and using highly artful techniques. We'll explore what makes this particular set of variations such a masterful work of art and why Bach might have written these enigmatic variations. We guarantee that this is a work that you'll want to come back to time and time again.

We hope you'll join us for this event where you'll be treated to a talk about what makes this piece so masterful, an inspiring performance of the complete work and a convivial wine reception where you can meet the artists and other audience members. Tickets are limited, so reserve today. We hope to see you there!